A prayer for a friend…

God we thank you for your never-ending mercy and grace. Praise you Jesus for never leaving our side during difficult times, for making us lie down in green pastures and for leading us beside still waters. Let us not be fearful of these times, help us embrace the good and trust your grace is abound towards us. I pray peace, Your Perfect Peace that surpasses (goes beyond, exceeds, overflows) all possible understanding. Your quiet gentle peace God that we long for and ache in our heart for. Praise you for that. I pray wisdom and knowledge while she embarks on this new life journey. I pray discernment God while she makes these choices out from under her own parents wings and we praise you Father for continuing to shelter her and keep her safe, sending your legions of Angels to be by her side lest she cast her foot against a stone. Be her quiet confidence and her strength when she is in need. I know this will be a time for her to grow into her own woman God, help her to be a light for you in this world that needs such beautiful light – that through her people will give thanksgiving to you God. With you God we can do ANYTHING! I pray this in Jesus’ name! AMEN!!

Your Daughter

Psalm 23:2, Phil 4:7, James 1:5, Prov 3:21-26, Psalm 91, Phil 4:13


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