Holding my thoughts captive. Working on that today.

Feeling the peace that transcends all understanding. Praying for that today.

Guarding my heart in Christ Jesus. Focusing on that today.

Giving it up to the Lord. Reminding myself of that today.

Some moments I feel that overwhelming sense of helplessness. Like I am struggling to stay above water. Like I want to curl up in a ball and hide away. It is in these times that I must remember the Father and His love. How He can make all grace abound towards me. I must seek His kingdom. I must go to His Word. It is in these times I must remember to lay my troubles at His feet. Some problems are just world problems. A world problem meant to deter me from my path, a mere distraction. It is in these times I must refocus, incline my ears to His sayings and tune in to His peace.

I believe I am heir to Abraham and his blessing. I believe I am a daughter of the most High God. I believe I am loved unconditionally.

Follow Jesus. Focus on that today.

Put my eyes on Jesus and do as He would. Follow His steps and He will lead me out of the valley of the shadow of death. His Word is life, and health to those who find them: physical health, mental health, spiritual health.

Above all else, guard my heart. For everything I do flows from it.

Thank you Lord for your goodness. Your forgiveness. Your strength. Your never-ending love. You are an ever-fixed mark. I follow you Jesus, I do as you do, I love as you love. I seek first your Kingdom and I know you will supply me with all my needs. You will bless the work of my hands, as my hands work for your kingdom God. Show me how to grow my gifts to better your Kingdom God. Help me spread the light, your oh so beautiful, comforting, and ever pure light. Grant me the opportunity to help more names get written in the Book of Life God. Grant me the opportunity to build people up, and not bring them down. Grant me the opportunity to put my selfish desires aside and show you that I am all in God. I am all in. I am here to be led and then to lead. I am here to be loved and then to love. I am here to be taught, and to teach. I am here to glorify you God, and to encourage others to glorify. I am here to receive your blessing God, so that I may bless others, and in turn they will give Thanksgiving to you Lord.

Focus on the Forest. Remembering this today.

A Daughter of the Most High King.

2 Cor 10:5, Phil 4:7, 2 Cor 9:8, Prov 4:20, Gal 3:29, Psalm 23, Prov 4:20-23



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